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What's New in Version 8.2

The What's New document describes some of the new features in the latest release of the Presstimator.
View the Newsletter or Press Release for the latest release.

View 'What's New' in prior versions of the Presstimator.
The Total Usage Reports document describes the variety of Usage reports that detail all of the materials and time required to produce a set of selected jobs. From the Quote/Job History screen, you can apply multiple filters to select a set of Quotes/Jobs and then generate a report that totals the time and materials for that set of jobs. For example, you can create a Total Usage Report for a particular customer for a certain year, or for a selected plant over a month-long period.

More information can be found at Total Usage Reports.
The Multiple Page Counts document describes the multiple copies and multiple page counts capability of the software. Within a single quote, you can enter different scenarios for the number of copies and the number of pages the customer requests. So, if a customer asks for pricing for a 4, 8 or 12-page Tab with 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 copies with different color options, this can all be entered within a single quote and a price matrix can be printed to send to the customer so they can select the quantity and pages based on the calculated prices.
The Profit Analysis and Estimate vs. Actuals documents describe the Presstimator's Analysis reporting that analyzes profits and estimates vs. actual production data. Once a job is completed, you can input the actual production counters and time information from the production department (this process can be automated from your data collection software). The Presstimator will then analyze the data within a customizable Excel spreadsheet so you can see how accurate your estimates are. You can also analyze total profits based on filtered estimates from the Quote History screens.

More information can be found at Actuals Analysis.
The Customer Profit and Trends Analysis document describes a billing summary report which includes profit information and subtotals by Customer. These reports are generated on selected Quotes/Jobs to provide an analysis of billing summaries and customer profits (as total dollar amounts and as percentages). This detailed analysis will provide you with data and charts to see exactly how your business is trending with various customers.

More information can be found at Customer Profit and Trends Analysis.
The Custom Reports document describes how users can use the drag-and-drop capability in the design layout tool to create custom report templates for your shop or to replicate your current reports. The custom report templates are filled in automatically when generated and are ready for PDF creation, email or exporting.

More information can be found at Custom Reports.
The Rate Card Estimating document describes the Rate Card estimating feature that allows you to quote on First 1,000 and Additional 1,000's values with various page counts. If you are familiar with a Rate Card estimating approach, you'll find this feature to be extremely helpful in making sure your initial estimate is correct so any additional page counts or quantities requested by the customer are calculated correctly.

More information can be found at Rate Card Estimating.
The Pressroom Production Application document describes the Production Actuals Application. This module is a completely separate application that you can install on a computer on the pressroom floor. The pressman can enter production information from the pressroom floor and it is automatically updated in the Presstimator database for immediate retrieval by the estimator. The information entered by the pressman (make-ready and run times, press counters) populates the Actuals portion of the Presstimator software so you can generate the Estimate vs. Actuals and Profit Analysis reports without having to re-key the production information.

More information can be found at Pressroom Production Application.
The Request-a-Quote WebForm document describes the optional, customizable web form (for example, a ‘Request a Quote’ webpage on your website) that you can create for potential customers online. This web form includes the entry fields and drop-down choices you want to have for your customers. Once the form is filled out, the request is emailed to a specified address. After receiving the email, the estimator can import the request directly into the Presstimator which enters the customer's job specs into the appropriate fields in a New Quote. A simple click of the "Load All Defaults" button creates a quote within seconds. Here is a link to a sample web form we have on our website: You can create different versions of this web form for different customers, sales staff or job types, and the web form can also be used internally by the sales staff.

More information can be found at 'Request-a-Quote'.
The Quick Quote document describes how an estimate can be created quickly using the Quick Quote feature. Enter basic job specs and select items from the custom dropdowns to create a complete and accurate Quote in just seconds, based on your default Shop Settings’ costs and standards.
The PDF Attachments document describes how to attach important PDFs to a Quote for later review and retrieval. This is helpful to keep signed documents, such as an invoice, or handwritten notes from a job ticket linked to the Quote with which they are associated.
The Paper Inventory document describes the paper inventory tracking of the Presstimator. Users can enter the number of rolls on hand of each type of paper in Shop Settings. Easily adjust the number of rolls when receiving shipments from your paper vendor(s) to maintain an overall number of rolls in inventory. When completing a Job in the Presstimator, the number of rolls in inventory will be automatically reduced by the calculated number of rolls required to produce the job. The Materials Report will calculate how many rolls are required to print a job.

More information can be found at Paper Inventory.
The Shop Settings Application document describes the optional interfaces into Presstimator Shop Settings Paper and Color Ink screens. The interfaces gives a user with permissions access to Paper and Color Ink Shop Settings to update prices from your vendors and the paper inventory. These values can be adjusted by employees without a need to be trained on the Presstimator. Or, create your own customized webpage to view in a browser.
The Scheduling document describes the scheduling capability of the Presstimator. Send job information from a Presstimator Quote directly to the Scheduler for prepress, plates, proofing, press, inserting, bindery, finishing and mailing processes. The Presstimator automatically calculates the amount of time required for each process in a job and estimated times directly are sent to the Scheduler. Several views of the scheduled events are available: Month, Week, Work Week, Day, Timeline, Agenda, Gantt, Grouped by Resource and each has full Reporting capabilities.

More information can be found at Scheduling.