Presstimator - Customer Analysis
Customer Analysis

Customer Profit/Trends Analysis

The Presstimator can export to Microsoft Excel reports generated on selected Quotes/Jobs to provide an analysis of billing summaries and customer profits (as total dollar amounts and as percentages). This detailed analysis will provide you with data and charts to see exactly how your business is trending with various customers. This information is displayed in both graphical and numerical formats, utilizing separate Worksheets within Excel. This spreadsheet report is based on a completely customizable Excel template.

billing by customer report

This Billing Summary - By Customer report will group and subtotal the selected Jobs by the Customer Name (sorted by Date) to give an overview of how much each customer was billed and what your profits were.

cost and profit report by date

The Cost & Profit by Date chart shows you the comparison of the cost of each job with the profit achieved.

Trending charts illustrate how specific customers have performed over a given time period, based on invoice amounts (broken down by cost and profit) or by profit percentage.

customer trends profit report
customer trends profit percentage report

Customer Subtotals

The Customer Analysis report will also calculate the actual profit/loss of selected Customers. This analysis will help you determine your actual profit/loss for each customer and to track your profits by a selected set of criteria (e.g., over time, for a particular customer, by salesman, etc.). This analysis generates its report in a customizable Excel template. Many easy-to-read charts are created to display the information to help you analyze the performance of your customers.

customer subtotals report

The Customer Subtotals sheet combines all of the selected jobs for the selected customer(s) for a quick overview of the calculated information.

Invoice Totals by Customer charts give you an overview of the total billing for a given period, broken down by customer and sorted by total invoice amounts. The Cost & Profit Totals by Customer charts, you can determine which customers are the most profitable.

cost and profit totals by customer
invoice totals by customer
invoice totals by customer graphs
profit percentage by customer
profit amount by customer