PRODUCT   Total Usage Reports
Total Usage - Materials and Time Reports

The Presstimator can export to Microsoft Excel a variety of Usage reports to detail all of the materials and time required to produce a set of selected jobs. From the Quote/Job History screen, you can apply multiple filters to select a set of Quotes/Jobs and then generate a report that totals the time and materials for that set of jobs. For example, you can create a Total Usage Report for a particular customer for a certain year, or for a selected plant over a month-long period. You can get a complete overview based on a selected set of criteria (e.g., over time, for a particular customer, by salesman, etc.). This information is displayed in both graphical and numerical formats, utilizing separate Worksheets within Excel. This spreadsheet report is based on a completely customizable Excel template.

This Totals sheet shows an overview of all of the time and materials usage information. Additional sheets are available so you are able to drill-down into each for more detailed information about the selected jobs.

Charts are also created with the Total Usage data to display a graphical view of paper usage, paper waste, color ink usage and press impressions.