Presstimator - Total Usage Reports
Total Usage Reports

Total Usage - Materials and Time Reports

The Presstimator can export to Microsoft Excel a variety of Usage reports to detail all of the materials and time required to produce a set of selected jobs. From the Quote/Job History screen, you can apply multiple filters to select a set of Quotes/Jobs and then generate a report that totals the time and materials for that set of jobs. For example, you can create a Total Usage Report for a particular customer for a certain year, or for a selected plant over a month-long period. You can get a complete overview based on a selected set of criteria (e.g., over time, for a particular customer, by salesman, etc.). This information is displayed in both graphical and numerical formats, utilizing separate Worksheets within Excel. This spreadsheet report is based on a completely customizable Excel template.

total usage report displays total materials used for filtered Quotes total usage report displays total time required for selected jobs

This Totals sheet shows an overview of all of the time and materials usage information. Additional sheets are available so you are able to drill-down into each for more detailed information about the selected jobs.

Charts are also created with the Total Usage data to display a graphical view of paper usage, paper waste, color ink usage and press impressions.

charts display graphical views of total materials and time