Presstimator - "Request-a-Quote" WebForm
Request-a-Quote" WebForm

We have developed a fully-customizable, online web form which allows sales staff and/or potential clients to fill out job specs online and submit the 'Request For A Quote' directly to the Presstimator. The information completed online (within a browser) can be populated with any fields and choices you wish to display to the user. Once the information is submitted, the estimator can generate a Quote instantly using the specifications entered online.

You can use this form to replace your current Request A Quote webpage and you can even create several instances of the form for multiple clients or sales staff. You host the form on your internet webpage or within your own company intranet. Using this webform, users are restricted to entering only valid choices determined by you and users will not have to interact with the Presstimator at all. Submitting job specifications for an estimate is as easy as filling out the form and clicking Submit!

Click here to see a Sample Web Form.