Presstimator - Reports

The Presstimator's reporting capability is one of its most valuable features. As spreadsheet users or those who estimate manually know, the redundant data entry needed to manually create the job tickets, shipping manifests, invoice and other reports after an estimate is complete provides ample opportunities for human error. The Presstimator eliminates this chance for error by incorporating a large array of reports that can be produced with a click of a button. Aside from saving time, these reports can also help you track your costs which can lead to standardized cost studies.

Reports for each quote include Customer Quote, Job Ticket, Invoice, Skid Tags, Shipping Manifests, Delivery Receipts, Departmental Time Summary, Materials Report, and Analysis (categorize and subtotal costs as Materials, Manufacturing or Miscellaneous).

Many of the Presstimator's reports are sent to Microsoft Word® or Excel® for customizing, editing, printing, faxing, e-mailing and storage. Users can also design Custom Reports using the Custom Report Layout Tool. Use the simple drag-and-drop functionality to design new report templates for your shop or to replicate your current reports.

In addition, a set of quotes can be summarized on a Billing Report which summarizes and totals the sorted quotes so you can easily track your jobs by month/quarter/year, by type, by customer, etc. Be sure to check out the Customer Profit/Trends, Profit Analysis and Total Usage Reports which can also be generated on a selected list of Quotes or Jobs from the Quote/Job History screens.