Presstimator - Better Than Spreadsheets!
Better Than Spreadsheets!

Many web offset printers have developed complicated spreadsheets to estimate their printing. While such a solution has clear advantages over calculating quotes by hand, it falls short of what a database application such as the Presstimator has to offer.

Because the Presstimator is a database application, there is a single location for all of your costs and standards in Shop Settings. Modify and maintain this single set of Shop Settings for everyone to share across one company or multiple plants.
Example: All you have to do is enter the new price for newsprint in Shop Settings and that cost is automatically applied to ALL new Quotes, so you know you're always creating estimates based on your current costs. You would no longer need to make the price update across multiple spreadsheets.

Filter, Sort and Search for Quotes on a Quote History screen instead of searching through folders for old estimate spreadsheets. Open an existing Quote directly on the Quote History screen and update it with current Shop Settings in a single button click instead of updating multiple fields throughout a spreadsheet. Share data with multiple users and generate customizable reports instantly from within a Quote. Generate analysis reports from a filtered range of multiple Quotes to accurately see profit information instantly. Update prices from your vendors and maintain paper inventory using the Standalone Shop Settings Application. These values can be adjusted by employees without Presstimator training. Send job information from a Presstimator Quote directly to the Scheduler.

stop using spreadsheets STOP using outdated spreadsheets!!

• Are you sure you're using the latest copy of your spreadsheet?
• Do you know what every number in your speadsheet represents or are there 'mystery' numbers?
• Is your spreadsheet difficult to use and maintain?
• Do you have to cut corners because your spreadsheet can only handle simple calculations?
• Can you easily update prices in a single place?
• Are your old quotes hard to find because they are buried in a confusing collection of folders and directories?
• What happens after you finish a quote?
• Do you have to start from scratch to prepare a letter to the customer and a job ticket?

The Presstimator gives you the tools you need to take your estimating to the next step!

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