BENEFITS   Save Time & Money
The Value of Presstimator
Accurate and detailed estimating helps the printer eliminate errors, determine costs, track the bottom line and meet profit targets. The Presstimator can pay for itself in a matter of months.
The Presstimator helps to avoid costly oversights by prompting the user for detailed job specifications. Because of the stepwise sequence and the easy-to-use question/answer format, the job specs need not be taken by an experienced estimator. This can save precious time for the estimator.
The Auditor also helps the user avoid mistakes by checking for missing information.
The Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module calculates rates based on your company's overhead (Administrative and Factory). These standards are consistently used in generating Quotes.
Within a single Quote, you can enter an unlimited number of additional page counts (each with various paper stock and color configurations), which can be used in combination with multiple quantities, to generate multiple estimates. A complex pricing quote which used to take all day to generate can now be created in minutes! A single report encompasses the multiple page counts and multiple quantities to give the customer a complete snapshot of the pricing for all requested scenarios.
The Customer has changed the job specs? The estimator can easily make changes to a quote to generate a new estimate.
Prices have gone up since the last time a job was quoted? The estimator can quickly create a new quote by opening the old quote, importing current costs from Shop Settings, making any other necessary modifications, and saving it with a new name.
Doing bid work? Maintain a competitive edge with a fast turnaround time for creating estimates for potential customers. The Presstimator is the ultimate tool for generating fast, reliable calculations time after time.