PRICING   Return on Investment (ROI)
The Presstimator is an innovative and powerful tool for the web offset printing estimator. The easy-to-use software interface and the automatic calculations not only save time but ensure that shop standards will be consistently applied. Any part of the program, including Job Specs, can be accessed at any time while preparing a quote so the estimator can make instant cost comparisons using a different paper stock, ink, press, etc. Requoting and fine-tuning are no problem since the Quote History database makes quote retrieval, modification and updating fast and easy. For example, if any prices have gone up since the last time a job was quoted, the estimator can open the old quote, import the current costs from Shop Settings (with the click of a button) and use the "Save As" function to save the new quote with a new name. The Presstimator can also save time since it does more than just create quotes: it also generates job tickets, skid tags, shipping manifests, invoices and billing reports.
Overlooked charges in a quote mean lost revenue! By offering customizable Shop Settings, incorporating thorough job specifications and keeping track of the details, the Presstimator can help the web offset printer recapture all their costs.
The Presstimator Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module calculates the rates you should enter in Shop Settings based on your company's overhead (Administrative and Factory). These standards are used in the Presstimator Estimating Software when generating Quotes.
The program's Question/Answer format helps eliminate costly oversights by prompting the user for information.
The Auditor also helps the estimator avoid mistakes by checking for any missing information which may have been overlooked. This Auditor feature is one of the most valuable in the Presstimator since it will help eliminate costly oversights.
The Presstimator's Profit Calculator and Markup Schemes help track the bottom line. Once an estimate is complete, the detailed quotes created by the Presstimator can be analyzed and used for cost studies. Estimated materials and time can be tracked and compared with actuals to identify weaknesses in the production process. The cost study feedback can be used to adjust standards so future estimates will be more accurate. The Analysis feature allows the estimator to categorize, subtotal and evaluate all costs in a job. In addition, a Billing Report will summarize and total the sorted quotes so jobs can be easily tracked by month/quarter/year, by type, by customer, etc.
By using the Presstimator, web offset printers can maintain a competitive edge with a fast turnaround time for creating estimates for potential customers. If the job specs change, the estimator can quickly and easily make changes to a quote to prepare a new estimate. The Presstimator is the ultimate tool for generating fast, reliable calculations time after time
Post-production analysis is critical to determining your profit/loss. Using the Presstimator's pressroom floor Production Data Application along with the Profit and Estimate Analysis reports, you can track your bottom line and fine-tune your estimating.