BENEFITS   What People are Saying

What makes the Presstimator Unique?

The Presstimator is truly unique for the web offset and commercial printing plant. It is the first stand-alone estimating software program to focus on web offset printing. The Presstimator represents a new technology that can help web offset printers move into the 21st century by replacing simple spreadsheets and time-consuming pricing tables with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Windows application.

Following are quotes from visitors to our booth at recent tradeshows and other printers who have previewed the Presstimator. We are confident that we produced a quality product that can save you time and money.

"You've thought of everything."
"I've been looking for something like this for 25 years."
"You get a lot for your money."
"I wish everyone had this program so I wouldn't get outbid by printers who don't know how to estimate. I know they're not even covering their costs."
"I've been going to the tradeshows every year looking for a software program that does this. The program covers everything. You've really done a great job.
"This is exactly what I need to expand my commercial business."
"This will help with the starting of our commercial department and I'm also interested in using it in-house to set up cost and billing centers."
"I'm trying to convince the production people that they need estimating software because they currently do it by hand and we lose money sometimes."
"This is easy to use."
"This is a great teaching tool. Someone new to the printing industry could use this program to see everything involved in the printing process."
"We're currently non-profit and this is the perfect tool to help us convert to profit basis so we know we are covering our costs and can track our profits."
"Our current system is not web friendly."
"Our current program has glitches like miscalculation of paper and total cost. The values it returns are never consistent so we don't even trust the numbers it comes up with."
"We've paid a lot more for a lot less."
"This follows exactly how we create an estimate by hand."
"We're extremely impressed. This is the best web estimating we've ever seen."

"I have dealt with (other products) and for 10 times the cost they are not 10 times more helpful and your product is 10 times better!"


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