BENEFITS   Why use Presstimator?

Is your current estimating solution inadequate?

Are you still using a spreadsheet, pricing tables, manual entry or a sheet-fed program to estimate your web offset printing jobs? Are you constantly struggling to manipulate a sheet-fed estimating program to make it work for your web offset printing company?
Do you trust the calculations in your current system? Are the results consistent?
Have you accurately calculated your Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) based on your company's overhead, including Administrative and Factory overhead? Is your current system using these standards consistently in the generated Quotes?
Are you doing redundant data entry record keeping by creating an estimate and then copying that information to a job ticket, delivery instructions, invoice and analysis reports? Each time you transfer the job information from one place to another, you are exposing yourself to a greater risk of making a simple error which can end up costing you a lot of time or money.
When a customer calls and changes the specs, do you have to start a new estimate from scratch? Are you able to make the specs change quickly to the existing quote to produce a new estimate? If a customer calls to repeat a job, can you quickly make the modifications to the former quote to create a new quote?
Does your current system allow multiple stocks and color inks? Can you select a different press for each section? Would it generate identical quotes if a job has five plate changes in a single press stop or five press stops with one plate change each?
How quickly can you create multiple estimates for the same job for several page counts (with various paper stock and color configurations) and quantities?
How much time do you spend preparing quotes for jobs that are never printed? How much is your time worth?
Is your current system a database that can store quotes so you can easily sort, filter and view a list of quotes (by customer, date, job name, etc.) without searching through folders/subdirectories on your hard drive?
Does your shop have multiple estimators? How easy is it to share information between multiple estimators with your current system? Can you deploy new shop standards to all estimators and quickly update existing quotes with the new values?
Does your current system require an estimating expert to generate even a simple quote?

Are you tracking the bottom line?

Have you ever missed charging the customer for something which caused you to lose money on a job? Have you ever been forced to take another loss when that customer comes back for repeat business?
Are you confident with the costs you use when creating an estimate? Have you ever done any analysis after a job is completed to see if the costs you are charging your customers need adjusting? Or, are you using the same numbers you have for years because they used to work?
Do you know how much profit you made on your last job? Can you identify the source of those profits or losses?
Are you marking up your selling price enough to cover your costs and reach your target profit percentage? Does your current estimating system allow different markup values to be applied for different customers, different size jobs, etc.?
Do you own multiple shops that all have different estimating methods? Are you unable to do standardized cost studies throughout the shops due to the lack of a common reporting system? How easy is it for all your locations to incorporate new standards? Do you want a single estimating solution that is flexible enough to work for each shops unique needs?
Are you able to estimate and report the length of time a job spends in each department?
Do you have a reliable way to compare your estimated costs vs. your actual costs after finishing a job?

Do you need help estimating?

Are you not running your presses full-time because you don't know how to estimate? Are you afraid of doing more commercial work because you dont know how to prepare a quote?
Doing bid work? Does your current system have the capability to produce a new quote with a quick turnaround time? Do you avoid bid work because youre not sure how to estimate or the estimating takes too much time?
Do you know how to adjust your shop standards to account for a change in prices from your vendors to be sure you are still covering your costs?