PRODUCT   Overview
Each quote in the Presstimator begins with the Job Specifications (Specs) section which asks detailed questions about the following: Format, Sections, Composition, Proofing, Film, Paper, Ink, Plate Changes, Folding, Skids, Bundles, Cartons, Inserting (Sections and/or Preprints), Bindery, Finishing, Mailing, and Delivery. These Specs screens are deliberately designed so that the information can be taken by anyone, regardless of their press knowledge, even while on the phone with the customer. The estimator can then use the Specs to complete the quote at a later time, by making specific decisions and selections, such as press, stocks, waste factors and markup.
The logical Tab organization allows for easy navigation through topics. A quote is typically prepared by starting with the first Tab (Customer) and proceeding from left to right. However, the user can return to any screen at any time (by simply clicking on the Tab name) to review or modify previous entries.
Save time by creating customizable 'Request A Quote' Web Forms on your website for potential customers or in-house sales staff to enter job specifications through their browser.
Sophisticated data handling enables multiple sections, multiple stocks and inks within each section and multiple configurations for plate changes and computer-to-plate capabilities.
Job Formats include: Sheet, Standard, Tab, Flexi, Book and Double Parallel. You can combine your sheet-fed job (covers and/or inserts) and web offset (coldset or heatset) into a single quote and mark each up separately within a single estimate.
Within a single Quote, you can enter an unlimited number of additional page counts (each with various paper stock and color configurations), which can be used in combination with multiple quantities, to generate multiple estimates. A complex pricing quote which used to take all day to generate can now be created in minutes! The reports generated from the multiple page counts and multiple quantities gives the customer a complete snapshot of the pricing for all requested scenarios.
Each section of a job can be printed Collect (1 impression = 1 copy) or Straight (1 impression = 2 copies) and you can also select multiple "Out" products for complete flexibility.
Completely customizable costs and settings can be adjusted at any time, either globally (Shop Settings) or for a specific quote (Quote Settings), to handle any size shop and any size job. Handles both Heatset and Coldset presses.
Handles both Metric and English/U.S. units of measurement. You can select whether Shop Settings should be displayed in Metric units and you can choose the units for individual Quotes as well.
The Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module can help you determine the rates you should enter in Shop Settings so you are sure to cover your overhead.
Post production analysis is critical to determining your profit/loss. Using the Presstimator's pressroom Data Collection Application and Profit and Estimate Analysis tools, you can track your bottom line.
Identification of Defaults in Shop Settings for commonly used values minimizes key strokes. Multiple printing plants are handled in a single database. You can specify defaults throughout an entire plant or specifically for a printing location within a single plant (e.g., coldset press vs. heatset press).
Summary screens break costs down into categories (Materials, Labor, Finishing, Misc.) and allows over 30 items to be marked up separately. Sets of markup values (Markup Schemes) can be stored and recalled for future quotes, making "what-if" scenarios easy to create. The Profit Calculator in Shop Settings helps the user determine the correct markup needed to achieve a desired profit. This Profit Calculator can be used to quickly and easily create complete Markup Schemes such as "10% Profit" or "20% Profit".
Use the Override button to change values and make substitutions without affecting the Job Specs to create "what-if" scenarios. A red flag reminds you of the change.
Spaces for Notes can be found throughout the Presstimator. In addition, each quote has its own general notepad (Quote Notes) that can be accessed at any time.
Import/Export Capabilities.Allows users to share quote, customers and Shop Settings. Shop Settings standards can be established and shared among all shop locations/estimators.
Multiple users can access the same database with the Multi-User/Server add-on. Each user can be given separate permissions for modifying Shop Settings, Quotes and accessing the Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module.
The Presstimator calculates not only costs and profits, but also the amount of materials needed and time required by department.