Presstimator - Multiple Printing Plants
Multiple Printing Plants

In Shop Settings, users can specify their Plant name(s) and printing Location(s) within those Plants. This was designed for those users with multiple plants or multiple printing locations within a single plant, and it allows users to have multiple 'Defaults' within Shop Settings that will apply to jobs produced in different plants or on different presses.
Consider the following examples:

Multiple Plants:

You own two different plants, and each plant has its own unique set of Shop Settings. In prior versions, users would typically have two different databases to keep each plant's Shop Settings separate, since they would have two different sets of 'Default' costs and values for each plant. In this version, users can enter both Plants into a single database and keep these values separated by assigning unique defaults to each plant. Also, if plants share some common settings, you can share a single entry across multiple plants instead of having a duplicate set of Shop Settings. Therefore, if Plant A and Plant B have two different costs for newsprint, you can create two entries in Stocks in Shop Settings, and you can designate each of these entries as the 'Default' for the specified Plant. However, if those two plants have the same cost for a Color Ink, you can create a single Color Ink entry in Shop Settings and specify that the single ink entry 'Default' applies to all plants. When creating a Quote, simply specify the Plant for the job on the Customer tab and when you click on "Load Defaults,' the defaults for the corresponding Plant/Location will be loaded.

Single Plant, Two Different Presses:

You own a single plant, but have different paper, ink and press costs associated with your Location A (coldset press) vs. your Location B (heatset press). In this case, you can specify that your single plant has two printing locations by creating two locations in Shop Settings. This enables you to enter a 'Default' process color ink for Location A (coldset) and a separate 'Default' process color ink for Location B (heatset). When creating a Quote, simply specify the Location for each Section and when you click on 'Load Defaults' the defaults for the corresponding Location will be loaded. However, if both locations within the plant both share a particular default cost, you can indicate that the single entry in Shop Settings is to be applied to all locations within the plant.

Single Plant, Two Different Shifts:

Another creative use of this new feature is to consider variations to a given press as unique "locations." For example, you can create a location for third-shift printing, a different manning configuration, or even for a rush job. With this approach, you can more accurately determine your costs and you can count on reliable, reproducible estimating for every situation.