BENEFITS   Managing Quotes
The Quote History database stores previous quotes so they can be filtered, sorted, retrieved, modified, updated with new prices, saved as new quotes, and used for cost studies.
Once a Quote has been created, you can easily change the selling cost by adjusting your markup. It makes fine-tuning easy!
Two Quotes can be open at once in sizeable windows for side-by-side comparison.
Customer information such as address, contact name and terms are stored in a Customer List. In a quote, you can select a customer and the information is automatically imported. This information is used for reports such as Shipping Manifests and Invoice.
Quote Reports are sent to Microsoft Word or Excel for customizing, printing, faxing, emailing, and storage.
Import/Export Capabilities. Allows users to share quote, customers and Shop Settings. Shop Settings standards can be established and shared among all shop locations/estimators.
Multiple users can access the same database with the Multi-User/Server add-on. Each user can be given separate permissions for modifying Shop Settings, Quotes and accessing the Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module.