PRODUCT   Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR)

Presstimator BHR is the definitive solution to establishing precise costing and estimating standards. In the printing industry, success hinges on precision in pricing as well as in workmanship. The most common problem in preparing accurate estimates is the lack of current costing information. If your selling prices do not provide for the recovery of all of your operational costs (rent, taxes, office supplies, management salaries, expenses and other overhead expenditures) your company may not show a profit, even though you have marked up the direct supplies, direct labor and added a contingency factor for overhead.

Having accurate Budgeted Hourly Rates is the first step in ensuring that your organization moves forward on a profitable course. These rates reflect a recovery of your true costs of doing business. You can be assured of maintaining your company on a profitable course once you know the exact sources of your organization's operational costs.

Presstimator Budgeted Hourly Rates can provide you with the information needed to prepare accurate job quotes!

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