PRICING   Can we afford it?
Star*Key Software recognizes that the struggling economy is having an impact on the printing industry. However, we don't think that using the Presstimator is a luxury that your business can do without. Instead, we feel that our product is essential for ensuring you are running your company's most expensive assets, its printing presses, to their fullest potential.
If you are not accurately and reliably estimating the cost of your web offset printing jobs, your business may not be reaching its income and profit targets. If you are over-estimating, you may be losing printing jobs to the competition; if you are under-estimating, you may not be covering your costs or realizing your desired profit margin. The Presstimator generates accurate quotes by helping you to avoid overlooked charges and errors. Overlooked charges = Lost Revenue!
The cost of the program can be recovered in a short period of time. Stop losing money and start taking control of your estimating with sophisticated and detailed data handling. Use the Presstimator to initiate cost studies to take the guesswork out of estimating. The Presstimator's Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module helps establish rates you should enter in Shop Settings based on your shop's overhead.
This program is a unique and powerful tool that every web offset printer should be using to estimate their printing jobs and track their bottom line. The Presstimator can help you to be a profitable business in this economy and in the future.
Star*Key Software has created financing plans for those shops that want the Presstimator, but need to budget for it. You can even use the money you save by using the Presstimator to make your monthly payments -- now that's a return on your investment!