Star*Key Software Releases Version 8.5 of Estimating Software, Presstimator

Star*Key Software Releases Version 8.5 of Print Estimating Software, Presstimator

Brea, California - October, 2022 - Star*Key Software, creator of the estimating software program for newspapers and web offset printers, the Presstimator, has released an update to its standalone estimating application. Here are some highlights of the new features:

About the Presstimator

The Presstimator is an estimating and job-tracking software program designed for newspapers and commercial web offset printing shops. Quickly create accurate and detailed estimates with the Presstimator. Print customized customer quotes, job tickets, invoices, skid tags, shipping manifests and a variety of other reports. Once a job is completed and the production data is captured using the Production Actuals application, the Estimate vs. Actuals report can help you initiate cost studies and the Markup feature and Profit Analysis report make it possible to precisely track your bottom line. Apply multiple filters to select a set of jobs and generate Total Usage reports totaling the time and materials required. Costs and standards are stored in a central location in Shop Settings within the Presstimator database. Load your Presstimator database on a server so multiple users can use the Presstimator, share quotes, print reports, schedule jobs, track inventory and share a common set of standards; this simplifies maintenance and ensures that all of your estimates are using the most recent costs and standardizes your reporting and analysis.


Mike Starkey, President
Star*Key Software