Star*Key Software Releases Version 1.5 of Presstimator Estimating Software

Brea, California - August 23, 2004 - Star*Key Software, creator of the estimating software program for web offset printing, the Presstimator, has released a major upgrade to its standalone estimating application. Version 1.5 of the Presstimator expanded its functionality to include many features requested by both newspapers and commercial web offset printers.

Version 1.5 of the Presstimator now handles Straight versus Collect job run configurations. At any time within a quote, the user can indicate whether a section is running straight or collect and all related components will be adjusted accordingly. With the new multiple plates feature in Version 1.5, users can enter an unlimited number of plate types in Shop Settings and assign each of them to a specific press. When a particular press is selected within a quote, the corresponding plate is automatically selected.

In addition, version 1.5 offers:

- New job formats of Sheet and Flexy
- More computer-to-plate functionality
- More Defaults for faster quote generation (create a complete quote in less than 1 minute!)
- More Toolbar buttons for easier navigation

For more information, please visit In addition to containing FAQ's, product features, sample reports, comparisons to spreadsheet estimating, and ROI discussions, the web page offers an interactive, online product demonstration. Screen shots from the program are image maps that contain "hot spots" and let the viewer navigate through the tabs, click on Calculators and Selector buttons, and view Shop Settings screens. Visitors to the website can also request a free demo disk of the most recent version of the Presstimator.

About the Presstimator

Star*Key Software has developed the Presstimator, a software application for web offset printing estimating. This estimating software prompts the user for detailed job specs with a stepwise, question/answer, user-friendly interface. Completely customizable costs and settings can be adjusted at any time to create sophisticated and reliable estimates for any size shop and any size job. The Auditor feature helps the estimator avoid mistakes by checking for any missing information which may have been overlooked. This value-added feature can help eliminate costly oversights. The Presstimator also incorporates a large array of reports that can be produced with a click of a button. These reports can not only save time, but they can also help you track your costs and initiate standardized cost studies. By using the Presstimator, web offset printers can maintain a competitive edge with a fast turnaround time for creating estimates for potential customers. If the job specs change, the estimator can quickly and easily make changes to a quote to prepare a new estimate. The Presstimator is the ultimate tool for generating fast, reliable calculations time after time.


Mike Starkey, President
Star*Key Software