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February 2014

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Version 6 Release

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The Presstimator is a web offset printing estimating software application for newspapers and commercial web printers.



Version 6 Release

What's New???  EVERYTHING!   All of the great Presstimator features and accurate calculations are exactly the same as they were before, but with a completely new user-interface experience. The new version of the Presstimator presents a complete redesign of the layout that takes advantage of larger monitors and better screen resolutions, new technology for a faster program, and many new enhancements.

Click here to see a VIDEO TOUR of the new version to see the new layout and features. 


All New Screen Design 

If you would like to explore a demo of the new version, please contact Mike ( for a download link and/or request a disc to be mailed to you.

For more information, please click here to visit our website. 

New Features in Presstimator

Larger screens: The Presstimator now makes use of standard HD laptop screen resolutions of 1366x768. Screens in the new version are bigger and brighter and allow much more information to be displayed. The need to scroll up and down within a given tab is practically eliminated with the larger screen displays. This allows you to work more efficiently because you can see everything associated with a specific topic on a single screen.


Grids: The Summary grid controls that are the basis of so many of the Presstimator screens are loaded with new features. The streamlined design of the Presstimator screens now have more area to show better organized data and calculations in the Entry area and more columns in the grids. The grid controls now have built-in sorting, grouping, filtering, printing and totaling functions which makes it possible to fine-tune the information you are interested in displaying.


Main Menu:   The Main Menu options are always available as a collapsible sidebar to help you get to where you want to go faster.


Tab Control: The new layout of the Presstimator allows you to see all of the available tabs at once for fast navigation. The Main Tabs of a Quote are listed down the left side of the screen so you can quickly jump from one topic to another. The Inner Tabs of a Quote are displayed across the top of the screen so you can see all of the sub-topics all at once without any need for scrolling left or right.


Speed: The redesigned layout and new controls take advantage of state-of-the-art technology, making the program faster and easier to use.



More Features

Multiple Users: The Presstimator can accommodate multiple users connected to the same database on a server.  Users can share costs, standards, customers and quotes from a single database.     


Web Form: Customizable Web forms allow your customers to request a printing quote through your company's website. The contents of the request are e-mailed to you, and they can be imported directly into the Presstimator as a New Quote.  Once this data has been imported, click on the 'Load All Defaults' button to have a Quote calculated in seconds.  Custom web forms can also be used internally as a convenient way for salespeople to enter the initial job specs. View a Sample here.


Pressroom Production Actuals Application: A standalone mini-application installed on a computer on the pressroom floor allows the press operator to directly enter the production information into the Presstimator database to making it immediately available to the estimator to generate the Profit Analysis and Estimate vs. Analysis reports.  Click for more information.


Analysis:  Presstimator's Analysis reporting analyzes profits and compares estimates vs. actual production data.  Once a job is completed, you can input the actual production counters and time information from the production department (this process can be streamlined using the Presstimator Production Actuals Application).  The Presstimator will then analyze the data within a customizable Excel spreadsheet so you can see how accurate your estimates are.  You can also analyze total profits based on filtered estimates from the Quote History screens.  Click for more information.

Profit Analysis

Profit Analysis


Multiple Page Counts and Multiple Quantities:  Within a single quote, you can enter different scenarios for the number of copies and the number of pages the customer requests.  So, if a customer asks for pricing for a 4, 8 or 12-page Tab with 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 copies with different color options, this can all be entered within a single quote and a price matrix can be printed and sent to the customer so they can select the quantity and pages based on the calculated prices.



Hitting your Profit Targets with the Presstimator

The Presstimator is an estimating software program designed specifically for newspapers and commercial web offset printing shops. Create accurate and detailed estimates with the Presstimator. The Estimate vs. Actuals report can help you initiate cost studies and the Markup feature and Profit Analysis report make it possible to precisely track your bottom line. Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) module helps determine the costing standards based on your organization's EXACT cost of operation. These costs and standards are entered in a single location in Shop Settings within the Presstimator database. The Presstimator database can be put on a server so multiple users can use the Presstimator, share quotes and share a common set of standards; this simplifies maintenance and ensures that all of your estimates are using the most recent costs. Optional, customizable web form and pressroom floor data collection modules interact directly with the Presstimator database for instant access and analysis.



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